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International Experimental Film and Video Festival

Communicate through the code using units, changing information, you have access to it by the sense of hearing or sight.






It is an independent cinema festival national and international organized by KINÈ Experimental & Art Film that has been held since 2015 in various venues located in the heart of Mexico City and the Mexican Republic, as well as a cultural exchange with other countries and festivals in; Germany, Italy, Spain and Brazil.


Through a call we receive works focused on the visual work of emerging artists or that have a career, national and international, coming from any discipline.


The participating categories are:


Experimental (National)

Experimental (International)

Video Art and other narratives (National)

Video Art and other narratives (International)


We have received more than 1,500 works from 59 countries such as;

Mexico, Germany, United States, Italy, United Kingdom, Spain, France, Iran, Brazil, Argentina, Poland, Canada, Colombia, India, Turkey, Austria, Australia, Romania, Philippines, Russia, Chile, Finland, Ukraine, Estonia, Ireland, Panama, Portugal, Serbia, Belgium, Croatia, Japan, Taiwan, Afghanistan, Bosnia and Herzegovina, China, Georgia, Greece, Kenya, Nigeria, Norway, Armenia, Bangladesh, Bulgaria, Belarus, Czech Republic, Egypt, Iceland, Korea , New Zealand, Peru, Reunion, Sweden, Slovenia, Thailand, Uruguay, Uzbekistan, Venezuela, Vietnam, Mayotte and the Netherlands.






















We establish a direct community between creators and the public, promoting the exchange of the use of analogous and digital media, being a non-profit project with the intention of disseminating the arts for free.

It synthesizes and articulates expressive codes from various cultural-artistic areas, above all, it investigates the creation of new narratives and forms of audiovisual language.


Let's make CODEC a space for everyone and everyone !




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