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We are:

A non-profit community that since 2015 is dedicated to the dissemination, production and exhibition of audiovisual media.


We propose:

-Reflexionar on the experimentation of the image in movement and the sonorous in its different forms for the social transformation and the colectivity.

-Impulse through this creative audiovisual laboratory for the production of independent, free expression content where the work is promoted by people interested in visual and sound culture.

-Establish a direct community between creators and the public, encouraging the exchange of the use of analogous and digital media.

-Incite, transit or interact on the public stage is important for us, as it converges in the perception of the subject and the visual experience merged between the world of artistic representation and the facts of everyday life.

KINÈ links projects with other contemporary artistic disciplines.


We offer:

-Production, exhibition and dissemination of content through the manipulation of analog and digital devices.

-Conversations and guests dedicated to the professionalization of audiovisual language.

- Special audiovisual workshops for children, exploring different techniques such as photography, video and sound.

-Encounters and talks for research and analysis of the moving image.

-Festivals, shows and national and international cinematographic screenings invited.


To :

-All that person with or without previous experience in the subject, who wishes to learn the basic concepts of the audiovisual world to understand more closely the challenges and challenges involved in the realization of an audiovisual project.



-Creation of synergies with other artistic disciplines, camera management, theoretical and practical tools, as well as the creation of a work plan for the elaboration of a final audiovisual work.

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